I’m starting to hate Safari 5.1!

Ranting about some changes to Safari that came with the 5.1 release that makes it a highly annoying browser.

I know hate is a strong word. But, it fits.

Foolishly, I installed Safari 5.1 as soon as it was released. Big mistake.

Apple, in its infinite stubbornness and misguided drive to oversimplify things, has made some maddening changes to Safari in the name of my security and ‘to make things easier’. Asswipes.

The end result is to take a lot of control out of those who know how to handle it.

Let’s list the things that irk me so far:

  • Simplified cookie:
    1. Greatly simplified the cookie display. This one has a work around.
      Safari 5.0.3 and before would show you a list of all the cookies that your browser is keeping and their values and expiry dates and few other bits of info. To me as a web developer, this was very helpful. It’s gone now. Now, you only get the name of the site and what safari has for it. No details. Instead of a list of cookies, you get to know that there are cookie. That’s it.
      The work around is that with the web inspector and the Develop menu, you can inspect all the cookies of any site and remove one or more at your discretion.
    2. Removed the ability to control how long safari keeps cookies. So now, I can’t instruct Safari to discard all cookies on quit. Why would they do this? what purpose?
  • Safari now ignores ‘com.apple.DownloadAssessment.plist’ and has an internal, so far inaccessible, list of safe files. So you can now ignore my tips in my article about changing certain files’ safety status.
    Now I’m stuck having to click ‘Allow’ for each html file that I download from my own sites.
    I know my sites are safe. I know that html files are safe. Why did they take away the ability to control things that way.
  • Non-customizable Reader:
    Reader is a Safari function that is immensely helpful in making poorly designed sites legible. It was built in a way that allowed power users to change the display to their liking.
    I hate justified text. I much prefer left-aligned, ragged edge text. Also, while reader generally makes text larger, the default is not large enough for my aging eyes. So with every Safari update I would open my text editor and change the file ‘Reader.html’ inside Safari’s package to left-align text and make it bigger. No more.
    Now Safari doesn’t have that file anymore and it works without it, so it’s not customizable anymore.
    Update (2011-10-11): The Reader.html file was moved to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Safari.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Reader.html. However, this new file doesn’t allow you to override the font size. But you can change the alignment.

This is the first time since Safari came out that I’m seriously thinking to switching to something else. But it won’t be easy. Nothing else can do the things that I need to do with Safari, namely AppleScriptability. Safari is the only browser that has an adequate AppleScript dictionary to integrate into my workflow.

4 thoughts on “I’m starting to hate Safari 5.1!”

  1. I just installed Safari 5.1. VERY FRUSTRATED!!! My previous version allowed me to block all cookies and the web page would still load for most sites. This no longer works. If I decline the first cookie the site will not load.

    My old version also showed a list of the cookies on my mac. This feature seems to be gone.

    Apple, please pay attention. Some of us are very concerned about our web privacy and we want features that REALLY BLOCK COOKIES and insure private browsing.

  2. I have that the arrows are gone to scroll the page with.I do not have the new mouse and with wrist problems do not intend to use them but now it is impossible to quickly get to where I need to on a page.Am seriously thinking of switching to FF permanently

  3. I recently installed “Safari 5.1” on my computer, But there is no option to delete all the cookies where as option is delete all the cookies and website data. If I want to delete only cookies than what can I do? Because I work on one website project and sometimes its login fails if I delete all the cookies than login successfully. Please send me a answer as soon as possible.

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