Safari 6 – Lost functionality; Again! (and fixes)

Apple in its infinite foolishness removes more useful safari functionality in version 6

Another update for Safari (6) and more features gone missing.

I’ve been using Safari 6 for less than 10 minutes and I already stumbled on two annoyances.

  1. The big one Previous page with the Backspace key. Before Safari 6, you could hit the backspace key on your keyboard and Safari would go back to the previous page. Not Safari 6. Why eliminate this functionality? It was harmless!

    I used it a lot as I have a Kinesis keyboard and the backspace key was always under my thumb. Now, I have to either move my right hand off the keyboard to reach for the mouse, or use two fingers to do a command-left-arrow.

    Update: Here is a tip to restore this lost functionality.

  2. The ‘Activity’ window is gone. It was useful for troubleshooting sites. It showed you each individual file that a page tries to load and it showed which ones failed. A side benefit to the activity window was that if you were watching some video on the net and you wanted to keep a copy of it, you could open the Activity window, find the file in the page’s list of files and double click it. Safari would then download and save a copy of the double clicked file.
  3. The RSS button is gone from the address bar. This can be fixed with the Subscribe to Feed Safari Extension
  4. The address bar now uses Windows-style editing. It used to be that if you clicked on a specific spot in the page’s URL, the curser will get inserted at that spot and you could start editing it. Now the whole URL is selected requiring a second click to edit the URL.
  5. Built in RSS Reader. Since I normally use NetNewsWire as my RSS reader, I missed this loss.
  6. Easy control of the font defaults. This can be remedied with two different solutions:
    1. Custom CSS sheet (in the advanced pane of the preferences window.)
    2. Using system Defaults

More functionality lost!

6 thoughts on “Safari 6 – Lost functionality; Again! (and fixes)”

  1. To many people backspace may be harmful. If the textbox I’m typing in right now looses focus the backspace completely changes behavior from editing text to loosing all the text you’ve written.

  2. I hear ya Lazeez! The backspace function missing was the first thing I noticed right away. I just learned about the activity window function leaving and boy am I pissed. Although I have noticed some slight speed improvements, like you said, I’m going to have to revert to cmd-shift-arrow key, (or cmd-[ and cmd-]) but that pisses my off!
    Another thing about Safari 6 that I hate: the new tabbed browsing on the top goes back to an older version of safari where the tabs resize to fill the width of the screen. Just an aesthetic thing, but I thought I’d add it anyway…

    I’m going to look into a work around for the backspace thing…. keep me posted if you find something.

  3. jeeeeeesch. me too. hate it. but: I think they want you to use a mighty mouse/pad. wipe left right instead of backspace…still a pain in the butttt

  4. What if your setup doesn’t include a track pad or mighty mouse? I have multiple monitors and I Need a track ball.

    I understand adding features and enhancing things, but what does taking away this shortcut enhances?

  5. How about getting rid of in-browser RSS reader, or a working WebKit web inspector (now they seem to have included a new, PITA safari-only inspector), or the ability to change the default fonts? I really think Apple is starting to drop the ball, big time…

  6. #4 oh my gosh!!!! IT IS PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!!!!! It’s not just abnormal for Safari, it’s abnormal behavior for OS X! WTH is going on at Apple? The tabs stretching are so lame and it’s not just an aesthetics thing either, you can’t easily close the tabs by clicking anymore because the ‘x’ will always be in a different location on the screen. ALSO, unified address bar is trash! Blue progress bar is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen in a UI! Seriously? ugly flat blueish rocketship takeoff style indicator. It is disgusting to watch! The suggestions are also freaking irritating because it’s just a heaping pile crap that you have to sort through to find what should be a convenient shortcut. MY GOSH unified address bar suggestions are the most unusable thing to ever come out of Micros—I mean Apple – it’s getting harder to tell them apart…

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