Apple Unleashes Lion!

Lion is available for download

Checking the Mac App Store at 8:30am EDT on Wednesday, July 20th , I found Lion available for purchase and download.

Personally, I’ll hold off for a week or two and see how things shape up. I don’t have a spare Mac to experiment with and it’s stupid to jump right away using production machines.

Also available is the server package.

The New MacBook Pros are here with Thunderbolt!

Today Apple announced the new MacBook Pros (13″, 15″ and 17″) with the new Thunderbolt connectors.

I didn’t expect thunderbolt (aka lightpeek) to be released so early. It’s a great step up for a new generation of connectors. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot of peripherals with it, especially hard drives.

USB has always sucked for hard drives (except the 3.0 version) and firewire was never as widely supported. Now that Intel is on board with this new connector, I’m sure it will push it in all its new chipsets and the connector will be soon available on most new PCs.

But it will take a step like the one Apple took with USB back in 1998 and removed all the other connectors to push the availability of peripherals using it. So, hopefully after a year on the market, Apple will release the next generation of its systems with firewire and USB removed, forcing the adoption of the new connector.

BTW, the new MacBook Pros finally adopt Intel’s year-old i5 and i7 processors. About time!