Bing’s Censorship in the Middle East

A while back, I decided to switch from Google as the default search engine to Bing. I did for a while and was forced to switch back because of Bing’s censorship policies.

New MacBook Air ships without Flash Player installed

In what may be a new trend for new Macs, the newly-release MacBook Air ships without Adobe’s Flash player plug-in installed.

Got my iPhone 4, Finally!

I finally got my iPhone 4 yesterday and it’s an awesome phone so far. So much faster than my old 3G and with many perks. Multi-tasking is good, although since I’m not used to it yet, I’m not exactly benefitting from it.

The biggest reason Android may be outselling the iPhone 4…

Is Apple’s inability to satisfy demand. The iPhone 4 was launched in Canada more than two months ago and I’ve yet to get one. All the Rogers stores in area are out of them. They can’t keep them in stock. Each store is getting a measly 5-10 units per week; and each store has a ...