Set up MySQL server using a Mac Mini Server with Lion and a Promise Pegasus R6

Recently, I set up a Mac Mini server (with Mac OS X Lion) and a Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt disk array as a mysql server for a client of mine. I had to learn few things in the process and I thought I would share the details for those who may need them in the future.

Setting up the server was fairly simple. It’s a Mac, few questions answered and the server is set up.

However, when I started with the Pegasus, I hit few snags.

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I’m starting to hate Safari 5.1!

I know hate is a strong word. But, it fits.

Foolishly, I installed Safari 5.1 as soon as it was released. Big mistake.

Apple, in its infinite stubbornness and misguided drive to oversimplify things, has made some maddening changes to Safari in the name of my security and ‘to make things easier’. Asswipes.

The end result is to take a lot of control out of those who know how to handle it.

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Turning on compression in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server’s Apache

I received a couple of MacMini servers, with Snow Leopard Server installed, as a donation for the site. I went ahead and added them to the server farm as web servers. However, testing showed that no compression of web pages was happening and requests served from those servers were consuming far too much bandwidth. The management software for those servers didn’t seem to allow one to configure mod_deflate to turn on compression.

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iPhone’s location data Q & A from Apple

Today Apple responded to the online hubbub over the location data found in the iPhone’s backup files in iTunes.

The response is delivered in a Question and Answer style. Apple dispelled all the misinformation floating on the internet and assured those wondering that there is no nefarious reason for the data that is present in the ‘consolidated.db’ file. It’s to help the location service in the iPhone function faster and the size of the data is the results of a bug that will be corrected in a forthcoming software update.

You can read the response in Apple’s Q & A posted on their site.