Apple ID system sucks big time!

Rant about the stupid ID system that Apple has implemented

The Apple ID system as it is currently sucks big time. Apple should fix it by enabling separate IDs merging.

For the longest time, I had one Apple ID, from back in the day when I was a Mac Developer. Before iTunes and iPods. It was all good and dandy.

However, last year, Apple made a change to their MobileMe log in system that made it mandatory for Apple IDs to be in the form of an email. So the Apple ID that I created in 1995 suddenly wouldn’t work with my MobileMe account and it didn’t give me a reason why.

I contacted Apple’s tech support who guided me through what I thought was an ID change, but it turned out to be the creation of a completely new ID and account. So now I have two different Apple IDs. The software for my Mac and many for my iOS devices is purchased under my original ID and most of what I purchased after is under my new email-formatted ID.

It’s a ridiculous situation with no remedy currently.

Apple, if you’re listening, create merging function for your Apple ID system so that I don’t have to juggle different ID for different App updates.

Set up MySQL server using a Mac Mini Server with Lion and a Promise Pegasus R6

Configure a Mac Mini server mid 2011 with a thunderbolt connected Promise Pegasus R6 array as a fast MySQL server

Recently, I set up a Mac Mini server (with Mac OS X Lion) and a Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt disk array as a mysql server for a client of mine. I had to learn few things in the process and I thought I would share the details for those who may need them in the future.

Setting up the server was fairly simple. It’s a Mac, few questions answered and the server is set up.

However, when I started with the Pegasus, I hit few snags.

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I’m starting to hate Safari 5.1!

Ranting about some changes to Safari that came with the 5.1 release that makes it a highly annoying browser.

I know hate is a strong word. But, it fits.

Foolishly, I installed Safari 5.1 as soon as it was released. Big mistake.

Apple, in its infinite stubbornness and misguided drive to oversimplify things, has made some maddening changes to Safari in the name of my security and ‘to make things easier’. Asswipes.

The end result is to take a lot of control out of those who know how to handle it.

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Apple Unleashes Lion!

Lion is available for download

Checking the Mac App Store at 8:30am EDT on Wednesday, July 20th , I found Lion available for purchase and download.

Personally, I’ll hold off for a week or two and see how things shape up. I don’t have a spare Mac to experiment with and it’s stupid to jump right away using production machines.

Also available is the server package.

Turning on compression in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server’s Apache

Instructions to turn on web page compression in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server via Mod Deflate

I received a couple of MacMini servers, with Snow Leopard Server installed, as a donation for the site. I went ahead and added them to the server farm as web servers. However, testing showed that no compression of web pages was happening and requests served from those servers were consuming far too much bandwidth. The management software for those servers didn’t seem to allow one to configure mod_deflate to turn on compression.

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