Got an iPad 2!!

Today, a friend and I stood in line for few hours at Best Buy in Ottawa to get an iPad 2. We had checked the Apple Store in Rideau Center and at 2 PM, there was a crowd of around 300 people. The line looped around and then exited the door. It’s a nippy day in Ottawa with temperature around -3° celsius and a strong breeze making it feel like -10°. We weren’t willing to wait in that cold for long.

So we drove to Best Buy and found a short line of about 12 people. We stood in line and when the nice young lady came out and we asked, she told us that they’ll give us vouchers at 4 pm which will guarantee an iPad. By the way, the limit was one iPad 2 per customer.

So we stood in line for an hour and a half in the cold. The line was outside the store!

At around 3:55 pm, a UPS truck rolled to the Best Buy and the guy shouted at us “I have a hundred of them”. Of course nobody really believed him, but it turned out to be true.

At 4pm even, the nice young woman came out again and started asking each person what they wanted and handed each of us a voucher with the specifications that we asked for. By that time the line had swelled to about 50 people.

We were too cold and hungry, so we left to get something to eat and get warm somewhere. We came back around 5:45 and the line of people outside was around 70 or so, so we stood at the end of the line again and had to wait till about 6:30 to get in. Damn Cold again!

Anyway, after we were let in, we headed to the special area handling the iPads and soon we each got our iPads.

Overall, an interesting experience as it’s the first time that I stood in line to purchase a piece of electronics.

It’s definitely a nice piece of hardware worth the sort wait in line.

The New MacBook Pros are here with Thunderbolt!

Today Apple announced the new MacBook Pros (13″, 15″ and 17″) with the new Thunderbolt connectors.

I didn’t expect thunderbolt (aka lightpeek) to be released so early. It’s a great step up for a new generation of connectors. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot of peripherals with it, especially hard drives.

USB has always sucked for hard drives (except the 3.0 version) and firewire was never as widely supported. Now that Intel is on board with this new connector, I’m sure it will push it in all its new chipsets and the connector will be soon available on most new PCs.

But it will take a step like the one Apple took with USB back in 1998 and removed all the other connectors to push the availability of peripherals using it. So, hopefully after a year on the market, Apple will release the next generation of its systems with firewire and USB removed, forcing the adoption of the new connector.

BTW, the new MacBook Pros finally adopt Intel’s year-old i5 and i7 processors. About time!

Apple Sells 33.36 Million iOS devices in Q1 2011

Apple reported sales of 7.33 Million iPads, 16.23 Million iPhones and 9.8 Million iPod touch.

With 92 days in the quarter from October to December, it means that Apple activated over 362,000 iOS devices per day on average.

Although Apple doesn’t break down its iPod sales by type, from the price average per iPod ($176) it’s easy to extrapolate that more than half of those are iPod touch.

That’s simply astonishing. Huge, huge numbers.

With a reported 90% of all iOS devices running iOS 4.x, that makes for a very strong platform for app developers to build on.

Also, they reported selling 4.134 Million Macs, making this the first quarter they sell more than 4 million macs per quarter.

Very strong results indeed. Congratulations Apple!