Apple Sells 33.36 Million iOS devices in Q1 2011

Apple reported sales of 7.33 Million iPads, 16.23 Million iPhones and 9.8 Million iPod touch.

With 92 days in the quarter from October to December, it means that Apple activated over 362,000 iOS devices per day on average.

Although Apple doesn’t break down its iPod sales by type, from the price average per iPod ($176) it’s easy to extrapolate that more than half of those are iPod touch.

That’s simply astonishing. Huge, huge numbers.

With a reported 90% of all iOS devices running iOS 4.x, that makes for a very strong platform for app developers to build on.

Also, they reported selling 4.134 Million Macs, making this the first quarter they sell more than 4 million macs per quarter.

Very strong results indeed. Congratulations Apple!

iTunes installation problem

For the first time ever, since I started using Macs (back in 1985) I face an installation problem with an Apple package.

Last night, iTunes 10.1.1 showed up in Software Update and I told it to install it. When the installation process finished, the installer tried launching iTunes and it failed with a missing dynamic library problem.

I tried launching it manually and it failed again.

The solution was simple, go to Apple’s iTunes page, download the full installer and install it manually.

There is always a first time.