MobileMe’s iDisk sucks for big files!

I never believed it before, but today I experienced its suckiness for myself. iDisk sucks for big files, especially disk images.

iTunes installation problem

For the first time ever, since I started using Macs (back in 1985) I face an installation problem with an Apple package. Last night, iTunes 10.1.1 showed up in Software Update and I told it to install it. When the installation process finished, the installer tried launching iTunes and it failed with a missing dynamic ...

Bing’s Censorship in the Middle East

A while back, I decided to switch from Google as the default search engine to Bing. I did for a while and was forced to switch back because of Bing’s censorship policies.

New MacBook Air ships without Flash Player installed

In what may be a new trend for new Macs, the newly-release MacBook Air ships without Adobe’s Flash player plug-in installed.

Got my iPhone 4, Finally!

I finally got my iPhone 4 yesterday and it’s an awesome phone so far. So much faster than my old 3G and with many perks. Multi-tasking is good, although since I’m not used to it yet, I’m not exactly benefitting from it.