The biggest reason Android may be outselling the iPhone 4…

Is Apple’s inability to satisfy demand. The iPhone 4 was launched in Canada more than two months ago and I’ve yet to get one. All the Rogers stores in area are out of them. They can’t keep them in stock. Each store is getting a measly 5-10 units per week; and each store has a ...

iPad’s early adopters are more satisfied with it; Why?

Apple introduced the iPad in April and sold over three millions within the first quarter. Rumours also said that Apple has ramped up its production of the revolutionary tablet to three millions per month.

iOS 4 available for download!

I connected my iPhone to my Mac at 1:30pm EST to charge it and iTunes announced the availability of version 4.0 of iOS. The 292 MB update is downloading as I type this. How exciting! There aren’t many new features for my 3G iPhone (no multi-tasking, no facetime, no video editing), but still, there is ...

Apple Sells more than 2 Million iPads in less than 60 days!

Apple announced today that they have sold more than 2 million iPads since its launch on April 3, 2010.

Jobs posts his thoughts on Flash

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO and co-founder posted an article detailing the reasons why Apple refuses to allow Flash on the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. It’s an enlightening read. If you’re interested in the iPhone platform, this makes a compelling read.