Latest Apple Attack Buzzword ‘Shackled’

It seems that Apple’s competitors are using a new buzzword in trying to subvert my favourite fruity company.

The new buzzword seems to be ‘Shackled’. Recently I’ve read a couple of articles that use that same word to imply that Apple gear users are somehow ‘shackled’ by the company. I guess it’s the new lame attempt to make people somehow want to be ‘free’ to get locked into those companies’ technologies.

Keep an eye out for this word and you’ll see what I mean.

About Stupid Software Design!

Rant about stupid software design

I hate stupid software!

I have a MobileMe account and I use Aperture to manage my photos. So, today, I was publishing an album to share with the family; a large album of about 200 photos. I use MobileMe because it allows sharing of full resolution pictures for the family to download and print if they wish.

So I publish the album and I wait for it to finish publishing which takes a couple of hours to upload. After it’s up on the MobileMe gallery page, I realize that a photo is missing and a photo is not good to post. So I go back to Aperture, add the missing photo and remove the other photo and click the synchronize icon.

Aperture starts re-uploading the whole album. THE WHOLE FREAKING ALBUM. Two hours of wasted time and bandwidth.

For whoever designed the synching algorithm: What the hell were you thinking?

Hotmail access using POP3 protocol

How to configure your email client to use hotmail with POP3 protocol

Finally, Microsoft follows the industry standards and has a reasonable mail service. It is now possible to use the POP protocol to send and receive email from hotmail.

Instructions for Apple’s Mail application on Leopard:

In Mail go to Preferences, and click on Accounts

Click the plus button (lower left) to add a new account

In the Add Account panel, enter your Name and your hotmail (or live) email address and your password and click ‘Continue…’

In the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ panel select ‘POP’ from the Account Type menu, and give the account a description

You must fill in the following information correctly:

Incoming Mail Server:
Username: Your Hotmail address (with, extension included)
Password: Your Hotmail password
Click on Continue

Set the Outgoing Server to, then click Continue, and click ‘Create’.

On the other hand, I use PowerMail instead of Mail, which makes things a little more interesting.

In PowerMail do this:

From the Setup menu select ‘Mail Accounts…’
In the ‘Mail Accounts’ panel, click the ‘New’ button on the top left.
Give the account a description.

Under the ‘Identity’ tab, enter your hotmail email address and your name.

Under the Receiving tab:
Protocol: POP3
User account ID: your complete hotmail/live address
Incoming mail server:
check the save password box and enter your password.
Under Advanced, check the ‘Use secure connection (SSL/TLS) box and make sure the ‘On a dedicated secure port’ radio button is selected.

Under the Sending tab:

Outgoing SMTP server:
check the Authenticate as user box and enter your full email
password: your hotmail password.

Under ‘Advanced’ check the ‘Use secure connection (SSL/TLS) box and make sure the ‘Using the STARTTLS command’ radio button is checked.