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iPhone's battery life important? Avoid Wi-fi Calling

by Lazeez

Wi-Fi Calling bad for iPhone's Battery LifeWith smart phones becoming the necessity that they are, battery life has become something crucial to everybody. I know my iPhone's battery life is very important to me, so much so that I keep a battery juice pack handy for those moments when my iPhone's battery starts running dangerously low — under 10%.

Few days ago, I received a message from Rogers informing me that they now support wi-fi calling on the iPhone and if I want to call for free to a lot of places I should turn it on. So I thought, what the heck something for free!

To enable wi-fi calling, you need to open the Settings app on the iPhone. Scroll down to the Phone setting, and the option to turn on Wi-fi Calling is the first under 'Calls'.

Well, two days later, I had to turn it off. Even with very low phone usage, and activating low power mode, my iPhone's battery didn't last very long on standby. At 6 in the evening the phone was fully charged. In the morning, with almost no use of the phone, on the night table beside my bed, the battery had reached 31%!

So needless to say that I turned it off. This feature may be useful if your phone is plugged in and you need to make a long phone call or something. Otherwise, kiss your battery life goodby.

One final note: Turning off wi-fi on the iPhone wasn't enough as for a day after turning it off my phone's battery life was non-existent. It just took me some time to realize it. I needed to force restart my iPhone, by holding down the home and power buttons until the white apple appeared, to make the effects of this feature completely go away.

So until they figure out how to do this with reasonable power consumption, wi-fi calling is more of a novelty than a useful feature.