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My Mac Pro is Dying. Now what?

by Lazeez

The current incarnation of the Mac Pro —The 2013 Trashcan— is now five years old. In 2017 Apple promised to release a replacement in 2018 and now delayed it to 2019.

I’ve been a pro user since the old 8500. I’ve always used Apple’s towers. I replaced the 8500 with a G3 tower, then a G4 tower, then the unbelievably loud G5 dual processor followed by the 2008 Mac Pro which was soon replaced with a 12 core 2010 Mac Pro, and that was finally replaced with the trashcan late-2013 Pro.

In short, I’ve always used a pro. Mostly for the use of more than one monitor and I like homogenous monitors that look good side-by-side (currently using two 32’’ LG wide and curved ones) and recently because I need ECC memory as some of my software is problematic when running on iMacs or MacBooks and we narrowed it down to memory issues.

All of this to simply say that I strongly prefer the tower/modular form factor and that I wouldn’t waste my money on an iMac Pro.

A month or two ago, my current pro (purchased late 2013) started showing problems. Every time I had to reboot (for software updates), the thunderbolt screens wouldn’t light up without resetting the PRAM. Every. Single. Time. Reset. PRAM.

Well, today it just got worse. The computer wouldn’t reset the PRAM while a thunderbolt monitor is connected. I had to switch to using HDMI to connect one of the monitors. Once I reset the PRAM, I still couldn’t connect the thunderbolt monitors.

So, I need a new Mac.

Now the big question is: Is Apple going to stick to its promise and release something suitable in the first half of 2019?

I don’t know.

I’m hoping that Apple is really working on something big for that release. After all, for the pro, Apple doesn’t make much. CPU, GPU, drives, memory and chipset, they’re all made by other companies, so Apple’s role for the Mac Pro is fairly limited to repackaging it attractively. What could be taking so long to design.

Even if they started working on a new Pro only when they realized that they’ve designed themselves into a “thermal corner”, releasing a new Mac Pro with a new case and new motherboard design isn’t that hard. Apple used to redesign the interior twice a year, and a case? Come on, it’s not that hard. It’s been eighteen months since they admitted their screwup with the 2013 blunder of a Mac Pro.

What could logically explain the ridiculous delay?

The only thing that could possibly explain such a delay is moving to another CPU architecture, like the long fabled move to a home-grown desktop-class ARM CPU.

I have a feeling that Apple is just hoping that the Mac Pro users would simply give up and look somewhere else and is only paying lip service to their pro users.

Apple could make a bundle by simply repackaging an updated Intel motherboard and CPUs in a refurbished Cheese Grater Mac case. I know I and three of my friends would buy one right this moment.

The most annoying thing in this Mac Pro situation? Is that Apple is still selling the 2013 very-outdated Mac Pro for the same ridiculous price with same way-over-the-top overpriced upgrades.

For a company with a $25Billion a year business like the Mac, Apple is starting to show great disdain for their Mac customers.

If the Mac is as irrelevant to Apple as they treat it, why don’t they spin it off and sell it to somebody who is motivated enough to innovate on regular basis? They behave like a small company with barely any resources to support this business that any other company would kill to have.

Posted on: 2018-10-02
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