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Nine Years Later, Purolator Shipment Tracking Still Sucks!

by Lazeez

Nine years ago in 2007, I ordered something online and it got shipped to me via Purolator which is a Canadian shipping company. I was foolish enough to try to use their package tracking site to see where my item was. That experience sucked so much that I wrote an article about it.

Well, I ordered something on Black Friday (2016-11-25) and it was shipped via purolator again.

When I saw that, I didn't think much about it. After all, nine years had passed since that order. Surely they would have fixed things.

Oh how naïve I felt when I clicked the package tracking link on the vendor's site and got this:

It's the only shipping company that somehow can't tell where a package is. It's always 'In Transit'.

I shouldn't be surprised by this. Actually, I'm surprised that it actually worked at all; because when I went to the company's main website at ' I got this gem:

The whole company's site is broken!

Update - December 2nd 2016

Purolator's tracking says that the package has 'Arrived' but I've yet to receive anything. I think they lost/mis-delivered it.

Update - December 6, 2016

Well, I received the package today. It was due on the 30th of November. Package tracking still says 'In Transit'.

Let's just say that I'll try to avoid Purolator shipping as much as possible in the future.

Update - May 24th, 2018

Well, well, finally, it seems they're getting their act together. I ordered some items that were delivered by Purolator and they came in a day early and online tracking worked as expected.

Posted on: 2016-11-29
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