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Purolator Package tracking is useless!

by Lazeez

Well, I'm excited about Leopard (Apple's new OS), and of course, I pre-ordered it as soon as Apple started accepting pre-orders.

It's supposed to come in tomorrow on the 26th, and indeed, I received my notification of shipment from Apple with a tracking number. However, the tracking web page is nearly useless. Here is what I get on Purolator's tracking page:

2007/10/25 18:58 Shipment In Transit

2007/10/25 18:57 Received

2007/10/24 08:30 Shipment In Transit

So I get that it's somewhere in the world and it changed hands once so far.

Update 2010-04-29: Well, I had to use Purolator again to send a package over-seas. The purolator tracking stopped in Toronto's Aiport. The package arrived and I got news from the recipient and until now, even though the package has been delivered, Purolator's tracking system still lists it as in transit in Toronto's Airport.

Posted on: 2007-10-26
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