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The New Mac Pros have been announced. Oh Crap!

by Lazeez

So, today is June 4th, 2019. A day after Apple finally announced the old Mac Pro’s replacement to be available this coming fall. As my old Mac Pro is Dying, I need a replacement.

My reaction as I watched the keynote was something ‘Wow, awesome, awesome, awesome, CRAP!!’

The new tower looks great. It’s very powerful and fulfills every need that I have and looks great doing it.

But, as always, there is a big BUT.

It’s too expensive.

I mean seriously, starting at $5999?

I’ve always considered myself a power user, but there is no way I can justify this.

The base model come with a 256GB SSD. A $6000 computer in 2019, come with 256 GB SSD. I don’t know how to react to this. I know that there is plenty of connectors and that pros will attach big honking external storage, but this is just milking the pros. I guarantee that NOBODY will use the 256GB SSD. They’ll either upgrade it with Apple from the start of yank it and replace it with a third party option.

I wouldn’t go with the 8cores one because of the memory speed. It’s just hobbled. So, at a minimum I would need to pony up for the 12 cores one, and with typical Apple fashion, this means another $1000 at minimum.

So here we are, with $6000 machines that we can’t realistically use as is. So with the, to me, necessary upgrades, we’re talking about roughly $8000 machine to replace my ridiculously old Mac Pro. And that’s US money. I’m in Canada, so roughly 1.4 exchange rate makes this tower $11,200 + 13% HST = $12,656!!

Time to take a second look at that Mac Mini.

Posted on: 2019-06-04
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