Apple ID system sucks big time!

The Apple ID system as it is currently sucks big time. Apple should fix it by enabling separate IDs merging.

For the longest time, I had one Apple ID, from back in the day when I was a Mac Developer. Before iTunes and iPods. It was all good and dandy.

However, last year, Apple made a change to their MobileMe log in system that made it mandatory for Apple IDs to be in the form of an email. So the Apple ID that I created in 1995 suddenly wouldn’t work with my MobileMe account and it didn’t give me a reason why.

I contacted Apple’s tech support who guided me through what I thought was an ID change, but it turned out to be the creation of a completely new ID and account. So now I have two different Apple IDs. The software for my Mac and many for my iOS devices is purchased under my original ID and most of what I purchased after is under my new email-formatted ID.

It’s a ridiculous situation with no remedy currently.

Apple, if you’re listening, create merging function for your Apple ID system so that I don’t have to juggle different ID for different App updates.